Alternative, functional medicine and nutrition from anywhere

Often considered a type of "concierge medicine," we offer functional medicine and nutrition services to patients across the globe through telemedicine -- the relatively new practice of providing medical evaluations and treatments remotely, typically via phone or online.

Medicine has been slow to respond to the realities of modern life.

Telemedicine Monmouth County, NJSimply getting to or from a medical appointment can be an ordeal in itself, increasing stress and frustration in ways that aren’t conducive to healing and wellness. Think about your past trips to the doctor or dentist ... did you feel excitement or dread?

We strongly believe that proper diagnosis and treatment can, and should, take place remotely whenever possible.

Most patients appreciate the convenience of telemedicine, or telehealth, and find that it greatly reduces anxiety related to medical treatment. We also find that patients are more open and honest about their symptoms and goals when they’re in a comfortable environment, like home or in a beautiful park.

Remote Doctor Appointment Central New Jersey

How Can I Be Evaluated Remotely?

During your initial consultation, we will review your detailed medical history and cover your main concerns and goals for treatment. Your responses will help Dr. Cordie build a thorough patient profile and custom nutritional and functional medicine care program.

Everything we include in an evaluation can be done remotely just as easily as it can be done in person.

How Will it Help Me?

Telehealth isn’t a treatment in itself, but rather, the means by which a treatment can be designed and delivered. Even so, having a “doctor on demand” from the comfort of your home can give added peace of mind.

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