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7 Holistic Ways to Deal With/Decrease Hot Flashes (Number Six Might Shock You)

If you experience sensations of intense heat throughout your body periodically in a day or week, it’s very likely that you have joined the ranks of a large population of women experiencing uncomfortable before or after menopause symptoms.

The Women's Bio-behavioral Health Lab at the University of Pittsburgh found that about 80% of women experience constant hot flashes as a result of menopause.

The precise causes of hot flashes are unknown, but they are believed to be an unpleasant side effect of difficulty balancing hormones during menopause. Not every woman will suffer these moments of intense heat, but those who do know how unpleasant it can be. In addition to immediate discomfort, dealing with hot flashes may involve an increased risk of anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Hot flashes in women vary per individual; you may experience hot flashes every hour or only a few in a week. In addition to a sudden feeling of warmth spreading through the body, sensations can include blotchy red skin, increased heartbeat, perspiration, and a chilled feeling after the heat subsides.

If your discomfort becomes particularly bothersome, I encourage you to contact my office to discuss your options for treatment. There is a wide range of holistic treatment for hot flashes that can help reduce discomfort, and here are seven possible remedies:

1. Black cohosh: A popular treatment in Europe, black cohosh for hot flashes can provide relief from the heat and prevent excessive sweating.

2. Acupuncture: Breast cancer survivors can experience heat flashes as a result of hormonal repression that are often more severe than menopausal symptoms. A study performed at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and published in the Journal of Oncology found acupuncture for hot flashes to be more effective than medication for many women suffering hot flashes after breast cancer treatment.

3. Weight loss: Hot flashes and weight gain can go hand in hand as a result of higher levels of estrogen, and a higher amount of body fat also makes cooling off afterward more difficult. Because healthy weight loss takes time, it may need to be paired with more immediate remedies to get rid of hot flashes.

4. Smoking cessation: Smoking has been linked to an increase in getting hot flashes. If you smoke, I invite you to quit now and save your body the discomfort of exacerbated discomfort during menopause, among other health effects.

5. Avoiding trigger foods: Choosing good nutrition for menopause is significant, as substances such as alcohol; caffeine; and foods that are spicy, fried, or very hot can increase the heat and acid in your body, triggering a sudden rise in body temperature. Knowing what food triggers hot flashes, especially those linked to acid reflux, can reduce menopausal discomfort.

6. Sleep apnea treatment: Many women report hot flashes interrupting sleep, but sleep apnea has also been linked to menopause as a possible side effect. Complex sleep apnea symptoms include early morning headaches and excessive daytime sleepiness, and if you experience these, I encourage you to seek sleep apnea testing.

7. Staying cool: Avoiding heated environments such as saunas, hot showers, and long periods of direct sunlight can reduce the discomfort of hot flashes all day by preventing slight increases in body temperature. Stay in cool, well-ventilated areas when possible and enjoy a glass of cool water with cucumber. At night, try cooling sheet and pillows and cooling clothes for hot flashes during sleep.

While frequent hot flashes are a natural and often unavoidable side effect of undergoing menopause, there are many remedies that can help you reduce the accompanying discomfort and improve your menopause experience.

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