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6 Pain Free Ways to Lose Weight

Have you ever heard yourself say, “I need to lose weight fast”? In the past, did you join a gym or even a New Jersey weight loss group, but find that you were unable to stick with the habit long enough to see results?

While the idea of losing weight may not fill you with glee, there is no reason why healthy weight loss needs to be something you suffer through until you have achieved your desired goal. Instead of starving yourself or living at the gym, I encourage you to try these pain-free, sustainable, and healthy ways to lose weight:

1. Enrich Your Breakfast with Protein

You have no doubt heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But are you enjoying the full benefits that breakfast can provide? While you should eat a high protein diet at every meal, it’s especially important in the morning because it boosts metabolism and curbs cravings. Eggs, bacon, and seafood make for delicious ways to achieve your ideal protein in New Jersey.

2. Eat Low Carb

Your body burns sugar first, and when it doesn’t have access to sugar, it must resort to burning fat. Converting fat into energy gives you greater energy reserves than you can attain from sugar. Reducing your carb intake may seem difficult at first because your body craves the sugars and starches it has become accustomed to, but an effective low carb diet will zap those cravings quickly and help you feel full longer.

3. Allow Yourself a Carb Cheat Day

You don’t have to maintain a 100% no carb diet. Once a week, you can enjoy a cheat meal with more carbs, but it’s important to stick with healthy carb options such as sweet potatoes, fruit, or quinoa. Cheat meals can boost fat-burning hormones such as leptin and thyroid hormones, though they should be restricted to once a week, or else they can reduce the success of your healthy diet plan.

4. Be Conscious of When You Drink Water

Water is responsible for most of your body’s fat-burning functions, and that alone makes it very important. In addition to making sure you drink plenty of water during the day, be strategic with your timing. Drinking water about half an hour before a meal can help reduce your appetite so that you eat less and lose belly fat fast.

5. Avoid Your Local Snack Aisle

Chips, cookies, and and candy bars make for a successful weight gain diet, but that isn’t the goal here. By choosing not to buy these snacks when you grocery shop, you can greatly reduce the risk of straying from your new healthy diet to lose weight.

6. Work Out Instead of Veg Out

If finding time to go to the gym seems impossible, you can fit exercise into your daily routines. It’s easier than you think to squeeze small workouts into your day. You can do jumping jacks or crunches during TV commercials, squats when you wash dishes, or lunges as your walk from one room to the next. Without even trying, you can use these simple exercises to lose weight fast.

For further insight into an effective New Jersey weight loss plan that fits your lifestyle, please feel free to contact Sage Nutrition and Healing Center in Little Silver, New Jersey, today.

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