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Detox Your Way to a Healthy Weight and Sex Drive

The toxins that you ingest and breathe on a daily basis can slow down your digestive tract, sap your energy, and block your sex drive. Your body is naturally designed to dispose of toxins, but a buildup of toxicity may require the help of a detox strategy to restore proper system function.

While green juices are the poster child for detoxing, there is no need to resort to a three-day juice cleanse to see a difference in your waistline or libido. Here are five healthy ways to safely detox to achieve natural weight loss and improve libido:

- Eat clean aphrodisiacs. A diet rich in cholesterol, sugar, and unhealthy fat is no friend to your waistline or your libido. Highly processed foods that are low in nutrients leave your pants feeling tight and your body sluggish, as well as decrease genital sensation needed for arousal. At the same time, the best way to clean out your body is to make conscious and healthy choices. Certain aphrodisiacs are some effective colon cleansing foods because they remove toxins from your digestive tract while boosting libido. These include avocados, pineapple, artichokes, almonds, healthy fats and oils, and even dark chocolate.

- Keep your body well hydrated. Water is the most important fluid for your body and an often-overlooked source of drinks that cleanse your system. A natural lubricant for the body, water flushes toxins through the body and prevents your colon from drying out and trapping its contents. Sufficient fluid intake (about 2.7 liters a day for women) improves bodily function by boosting your metabolism, curbing hunger, and increasing your energy. Remaining hydrated also helps prevent vaginal dryness, fatigue, and irritability that could otherwise result in low female libido.

- Work out your goals. Whether your objective is to lose weight, boost female libido, or both, you can achieve this by sweating out the toxins in your body. Losing toxins through sweat helps you feel healthier, lighter, and invigorated to continue your workout and achieve true weight loss. Furthermore, daily exercise is one of the best ways to increase sex drive because it floods your body with endorphins, improves self-image, and can help you reach orgasm faster.

- Soak it out. If you love taking luxurious baths and are looking for another reason to relax in a warm soak, you will be excited to learn that detox baths can help you improve your weight and your sex drive. These healthy cleanses for your body help to balance your systems, absorb nutrients, improve metabolism, and manage your stress. Sea salt, epsom salt, ginger, and citrus oil baths are ideal for women who struggle to remain energetic for exercise and relaxed for sex.

- Engage your sleep schedule. The University of Rochester Medical Center performed a study that revealed the brain’s ability to remove toxic waste improves during sleep. When you sleep, your brain cells shrink about 60 percent and allow the glymphatic system to pump cerebral spinal fluid and flush brain toxins into the liver, where they are later removed. In addition to improving brain focus and clarity, sufficient sleep can also boost fat loss by helping you burn more calories and resist the urge to snack. It also serves to bring your body into balance, stabilize your hormones, and increase female sex drive naturally.

To learn more about what is detoxing your body and how proper detox habits can serve as a means of healthy weight loss and boost sex drive, contact Sage Nutrition and Healing Center in Little Silver, New Jersey, today and speak with a New Jersey weight loss practitioner.

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