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The Paleo Diet Made Easy with Simple and Delicious Recipes

Making the switch from the Standard American Diet to eating Paleo can seem overwhelming if you are unfamiliar with the philosophy of this diet.

Many people must wade through initial questions such as “Can a vegetarian do the Paleo diet?” and “Are eggs on the Paleo diet?” before they feel as though they have a firm grasp on the concept of this Stone Age-inspired meal plan.

The shared characteristic between all foods on the Paleo diet is that they reflect the meal options available to our Paleolithic ancestors, cultivating a nutrient-dense intake of wholesome and biologically friendly foods. Instead of fixating on caloric content and the size of the food portions, the everyday Paleo approach focuses on consuming the right foods for your nutritional needs.

Don’t think of Paleo in terms of being a fad diet or a temporary switch to help you lose weight. It is not so much a diet as it is a lifestyle change, and benefits of the Paleo diet include reduced blood sugar, lessened symptoms of chronic disease, and an overall heightened quality of life. I am pleased to dedicate my time and knowledge to helping my patients commit to eat Paleo, and I am thrilled to offer a delectable variety of easy Paleo recipes to make this lifestyle change fun, adventurous, and most importantly delicious.

I invite you to take a look through the following books on healthy eating, which offer a breakdown of the different options for foods allowed on Paleo dinner plates:

Paleo for Real People

Most people who are seeking to improve their dietary habits are not trained nutritionists, but “Paleo for Real People” offers a straightforward approach to embracing Paleo philosophy so that even the most basic beginner can make informed, conscientious meal choices. Committing to a new dietary approach is more than looking up individual recipes at dinnertime; it requires a foundational understanding of the nutritional benefits and your overall goals. I offer nutritional insight supported by food science to help you seamlessly adopt this lifestyle change and enjoy all the benefits of healthy eating.

Paleo for Foodies

If you are a Paleo foodie who recognizes the irreplaceable value of consuming wholesome, high-quality ingredients, then this book can take your meal prepping to new heights. “Paleo for Foodies” embraces culinary creativity to incorporate efficient cooking techniques into a healthy dietary philosophy. From the best vegetables for Paleo diet to easy Paleo desserts, these tasty recipes can broaden your food horizons, transforming Paleo eating from a list of food restrictions to a lifetime of fun and succulent dining.

Whether you are still learning the basics of Paleo diet planning or are searching for exciting and innovative recipes to enrich your foodie lifestyle, you are welcome to contact Sage Nutrition and Healing Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at 303.503.5969 today. I would be delighted to spend quality time discussing your dietary habits and helping you discover the best Paleo recipes to help you cultivate a lifelong relationship with healthy eating.

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