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Sustainable Weight Loss Goals for the Diabetic Insomniac

If you struggle with diabetes or insomnia, you may be wondering how to lose weight with these limitations.

High glucose levels and a lack of sleep can slow your metabolism and cause your body to retain fat instead of lose it.

Instead of a quick fix, focus on a healthy and natural weight loss lifestyle.

People who are looking for quick weight loss often struggle to maintain the changes, or even stick with a plan long enough to achieve noticeable results. The following lifestyle changes promote long term weight loss for people who struggle with insomnia and diabetes.

Set Small Goals to Lose Weight

If you try to change your body and your health all at once, you could become even more unhealthy. Instead, learn what your body needs to control your blood sugar levels. Study underlying insomnia causes. Once you have a firm understanding of your health, you can create a custom plan to lose weight.

Eat Breakfast to Control High Blood Sugar

If you are in the habit of skipping breakfast, you are more likely to overeat later and raise your blood sugar. A typical diabetic breakfast is low in added sugars and high in protein and fiber. The daily jumpstart to your metabolism can help you treat sleep disorders such as insomnia by increasing your energy levels during the day so that you sleep better at night.

Eat Frequent Small Meals Often to Maintain a Normal Blood Sugar Level

Large meals can cause your blood sugar to surge, but eating lighter meals throughout the day can help you control your blood sugar and other side effects of diabetes. By eating regularly throughout the day, you can also keep your appetite in check and prevent the sugar cravings that may develop if you often don’t sleep well.

Increase Your Fiber for Healthy Body Weight

Fiber is essential to any weight loss diet because it keeps you full longer so that you don’t overeat. Eating generous helpings of fiber throughout the day can help control diabetes by lowering your glucose levels. The American Diabetes Association offers additional tips for following a diabetic meal plan. Because fiber digests slowly, it provides a long-term energy boost to help you stay awake during the day and then enjoy good sleep.

Increase Your Water Intake for Weight Loss

In addition to eating the right food for diabetics, you should also remain hydrated, since high glucose levels deplete your body of fluids at a faster rate. When you’re dehydrated, you’re more likely to feel sluggish and crave junk food. Drinking plenty of water before meals and throughout the day improves metabolism, energy, blood sugar, and sleeping.

Choose the Right Weight Loss Exercise

Regular exercise is important if you want to increase weight loss because it helps your body to regulate functions such as metabolism. People who have trouble sleeping and often lack energy may find that light to moderate exercise such as walking or yoga is better in the long run than high-intensity workouts.

When it comes to improving your weight, blood sugar, and sleeping habits, there are many factors involved, and no one solution will work for everyone. If you are interested in reversing diabetes, finding sleep remedies, or learning more about New Jersey weight loss options, I am happy to help.

I can work with you to make healthy weight a lifestyle, not just a goal. Contact Sage Nutrition in Little Silver, New Jersey today at 732.852.7752 for a personal consultation.

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