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Inside the Holistic Services of Sage Nutrition and Healing Center

Have you heard of holistic healthcare and are wondering does holistic medicine work?

I invite you to learn more about my total wellness clinic, Sage Nutrition and Healing Center, and how I, Dr. Tasmin Cordie, help my patients achieve complete body wellness.

I underwent initial schooling at Logan University in Chesterfield, MO, and during my journey to become a holistic medicine practitioner, I studied applied kinesiology, chiropractic and functional medicine, and nutritional response testing. My goal as a practitioner is to provide a center for holistic medicine, as well as high-end telemedicine services, to ensure my patients have access to affordable and natural solutions.

After running two very successful chiropractic offices - one in [insert location] and the other in Boulder, CO, I decided to take a different, more hollistic, approach to health care. In September 2016, I opened Sage Nutrition and Healing Center provides the following types of holistic medicine:

Anti-Aging Nutrition

Improve your health and wellness with an anti aging nutrition program that not only reduces the appearance of aging, but also helps to reverse age-related medical issues. Nutrition and anti aging goes beyond simply eating healthy; I will help you identify the foods and supplements needed to improve your health and prolong your life the natural way.

Concierge Medicine Plan

Experience holistic medicine like you never have before by joining my concierge wellness plan! What is concierge medicine? Innovative concierge medicine practices offer virtually unlimited access to medicinal services for one annual price. You will have a physician work with you all-year long to help you achieve your health goals. Whether you are interested in developing a tailored wellness plan with a doctor who understands your unique needs or you require concierge emergency medicine, I invite you to schedule your first session with me.

Energy Medicine

If your body feels out of tune and generally unhealthy, I invite you to consider self healing with energy medicine. I am pleased to serve as an energy medicine practitioner blending modern techniques with ancient remedies and traditions to restore alignment and balance to your body and lifestyle. Energy medicine for women and men focuses on the pathways between tissues and organs to promote overall well being.

Medical Intuitive

All too often, diseases and conditions are treated for their symptoms instead of the actual cause. As a medical intuitive healer, I aim to understand the true nature of your health problem and determine its root cause. The best medical intuitive approach is to treat the body as a whole and not just address surface symptoms, and I have invested thousands of hours in providing intuitive medicine solutions for my patients.

Nutritional Response Testing

Improving your health should not be an intense struggle. If you are tired of visiting the doctor without receiving results, know that nutritional response testing practitioners offer precise and scientific methods to target your exact needs. The nutritional response testing standard process at Sage Nutrition and Healing Center involves testing your acupuncture points and neurological resources so that I can accurately predict the needs and wants of your body and then continue to monitor your health at each appointment.


Some of the concierge medicine practices that my patients deeply appreciate are telehealth and telemedicine, which enables you to receive a diagnosis and treatment recommendations via technological communication such as phone, messaging, and video chat. The benefits of telemedicine include the ability to speak with holistic medicine doctors no matter where you are. How does telemedicine work? Imagine you or a member of your family has developed a severe earache. Instead of spending hours in a waiting room, you can schedule an online appointment or phone call with me to discuss the symptoms, and receive a diagnosis and recommendation of how to get better with natural solutions.

For more information about Sage Nutrition and Healing Center and our different types of holistic medicine, please feel free to call 303.503.5969 and schedule a session with me. I look forward to getting to know you and addressing your total health needs!

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Sage Nutrition and Healing Center is a holistic health practice, dedicated to bringing safe, natural alternatives to conventional medicine to patients looking for ways to live overall healthier lives.


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