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Improve Fatigue With These Simple Exercises

“Why am I always tired?” If you have asked yourself this question more than once this week, you may be struggling with fatigue.

Fatigue is more than just feeling tired and sleepy. It is ongoing and excessive tiredness that isn’t improved with sleep or rest, and may include flu-like symptoms such as headache and body aches. But what causes chronic fatigue? The exact cause is not known, but factors can include hormonal changes due to fibromyalgia or menopause, or a condition known as chronic fatigue syndrome.

While exercise may seem like a contradiction to chronic fatigue treatment, it’s actually one of the best ways to manage the condition. Women who struggle with chronic fatigue need to clock in regular daily exercise in order to see an improvement in their condition. Benefits of daily exercise include more than just weight loss for women; working out invigorates the body and builds your energy reserves so that you can remain alert throughout the day.

Even if just taking a shower seems too much, I invite you to implement the following simple exercises into your daily routine to improve chronic fatigue symptoms and maintain your health:

- Aerobic exercises: Aerobics offers some of the best effects of physical activity on fatigue because it boosts endorphins--your “feel good” hormones--which increases oxygen levels in your blood and helps you feel more energetic. Aerobic exercise can range from swimming to performing jumping jacks in front of the television and dancing in your kitchen while you cook.

- Low impact exercises: Activities such as pilates, yoga, biking, and walking are all good exercises for women who are constantly tired and struggle to find the energy to work out. Instead of driving to and from errands, take your bike instead.

- Stretching and strengthening: Improving your muscles and their range of motion can help with muscle fatigue. Stretch every day to warm up your muscles and keep them limber, and then employ some light weights such as dumbells or ankle and wrist weights. You can also use a resistance band.

- Gardening: Who said exercise has to involve a lot of movement. When your fatigue is at its worst, you can sit outside in the sunshine and water plants or dig away weeds.

Over time, daily exercise can add up and help you feel better both mentally and physically. Instead of trying to dive right into a high-intensity program, find an exercise method that you enjoy and can practice effectively without succumbing to fatigue. As you become more comfortable, you can increase the intensity and frequency. Sticking with your routine helps you to maintain some fatigue management and gain your life back.

When developing a workout plan, it’s important to consult a wellness expert to ensure your program will yield maximum benefit and will gradually ease you into a habit of daily exercise. I invite you to contact Sage Nutrition and Healing Center in Little Silver, New Jersey, today to schedule a consultation. Together, we can pinpoint your fatigue causes, develop a custom fitness exercise program, and help you achieve healthy weight loss in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and surrounding areas.

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