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How to Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau During Menopause

Has your weight loss progress decreased or stalled completely since you entered menopause?

A weight loss plateau is an unfortunate yet common occurrence for menopausal women due to the same hormonal changes that result in hot flashes, disrupted sleep, and unwanted weight gain. Menopause creates a weight loss barrier for many women by causing loss of muscle mass, insulin resistance, and high or low levels of estrogen that increase fat storage.

If you are stuck in a weight loss plateau triggered by menopause and are wondering how to lose weight fast and easy, I invite you to incorporate the following practices into your daily routine:

Maintain a High Metabolic State at the Dinner Table

The onset of menopause marks the end of fad dieting, sugar binges, and other unhealthy nutritional practices from your younger days. Effective home remedies for menopause include creating a custom east coast weight loss diet. For example, a plate full of protein and soluble fiber instead of carbs can increase your metabolism, reduce your appetite, and promote the burning of fat.

Change Your Approach to Exercise

When feelings of lethargy and sluggishness creep in, it can be hard to find the motivation to perform daily activities, much less exercise on a regular basis. However, without proper exercise, many women notice a link between menopause and weight gain. This means that exercise is not just good for your health, but can also improve your overall feelings of wellbeing. Because menopause often causes fat to shift from the hips and thighs to the abdomen, exercises that target belly fat can provide the most optimal results. You may find that resistance bands, weight training, and cardio provide the best means to slim your waist while protecting against muscle loss.

Prioritize Your Sleep

After menopause symptoms set in, a full night’s sleep may seem like a dream. Stress, night sweats, estrogen deficiency, and constant hot flashes can all keep you tossing and turning for hours. A loss of sleep results in higher levels of ghrelin, or the hunger hormone, and lower levels of leptin, which helps you feel full. This can make it difficult to regulate a routine appetite. If you aren’t sleeping well at night, you may benefit from alternative treatment for menopause symptoms, such as reiki, acupuncture, and sleeping in a cool environment.

Address Your Stress

The ongoing duress your body suffers from menopause often manifests itself through increased stress levels. Not only can stress leave you feeling tired and foggy and reduce your sleep quality, it also increases cortisol levels associated with belly fat. If you are frequently frazzled, then it may be time to adopt some alternative medicine for menopause symptoms that target stress, such as yoga or supplementing your diet with pine bark extract.

Keep the Weight Off

While weight loss is the primary goal, it’s important to set your sights on the long term in order to maintain your hard-earned results. Focus on your overall health, not just the shape of your waistline or the numbers on your scale. If you have any concerns about menopause and weight loss in Ocean County, New Jersey, as well as surrounding areas, I invite you to contact Sage Nutrition and Healing Center in Little Silver, New Jersey, today.

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