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How to Increase Your Metabolism AND Your Sex Drive

The effects of time and aging can rob women of some of the most enjoyable physical functions--namely, metabolism and libido. Both of these functions are prone to decreasing over the years, resulting in conditions such as chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, and painful sex. If you are looking for ways to increase sex drive, metabolism, or both, there are certain lifestyle changes you can employ in your daily routine that circumvent the need to take medication.

Here are seven natural ways to boost metabolism and libido that you can begin trying today:

1. Exercise: When you exercise to boost metabolism, you not only feel better in the moment, but your metabolism can remain elevated up to 24 hours. Exercise can boost female libido naturally because working out enhances blood flow throughout your body, which increases your arousal, and feeling good about your body helps you feel more desirable.

2. Eat a heart-healthy diet: Nutrition goes hand in hand with improving your body’s functions. To find the best foods to boost metabolism and sex drive, choose more fruits and veggies and less animal fats to prevent cholesterol buildup in your arteries. Arteries that are free of clogging allow for better blood flow to the pelvic area. Natural foods that boost metabolism include tuna and grapefruit. Furthermore, tomatoes, tuna, spinach, and dark chocolate are excellent sources of foods that increase sex drive. You can also take vitamins to boost metabolism and keep you feeling energetic for sex.

3. Add more spice to your diet: The capsaicin that acts as a spice factor in peppers not only packs delicious flavor in your meals, but is also one of the spices that boost metabolism. The heat from peppers triggers endorphins in the brain that elevate your mood and, consequently, naturally boost women’s libido.

4. Check your medicine cabinet: You may need to take a second look at your daily medicine to boost metabolism and libido, as some prescription medications that reduce these can be substituted with a different pill. If your daily prescription dose seems to be a likely culprit for your decreased desire for sex, ask your doctor about alternative prescriptions with fewer side effects.

5. De-stress: Dredging up a sexy mood can be a challenge if you feel overwhelmed by work, chores, family, or tension with your partner. Stress produces a “fight or flight” hormone that, in excess, can suppress the libido. The effect of stress on women can increase sugar cravings and push you to overeat. Taking time to discuss stressors with your partner or enjoy a hot bath before bed can increase female sex drive naturally and improve your health.

6. Enjoy a cup of coffee: Coffee is one of the natural ways to boost metabolism because its caffeine content quickly absorbs into your bloodstream and peaks your metabolism about three hours after consumption. If you are wondering does caffeine increase sex drive as well, you may find that the energy buzz from your favorite coffee beverage may provide the stimulation you need for sex. However, if caffeine exacerbates anxiety or if you have type 2 diabetes, you may want to enjoy only small amounts of caffeine or try one of the many other natural ways to boost metabolism and libido.

7. Get more sleep: Much like you can boost metabolism while sleeping, disrupted or insufficient sleep can cause you to consume more calories and burn less the following day. Furthermore, many women find that their sleep apnea and sex drive reduction go hand in hand since feelings of sluggishness and exhaustion are no help to the libido.

Bonus: If you are interested in trying a natural female libido enhancer product, I recommend Fiera®. It is an easy-to-use personal care device for women with low female libido, to be used before sex.

I invite you to seek professional counsel to discuss how to increase your sex drive as a woman and improve metabolism naturally. Please feel free to contact Sage Nutrition and Healing Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at 303.503.5969 today. Together, we can create a customized approach to boost female libido naturally, improve metabolism, and help you feel like your younger and more energetic self!

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