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5 Surprising Effects of Reiki on Menopause

While menopause and its symptoms may be unavoidable, there is no reason you need to suffer through ongoing hot flashes, fatigue, or night sweats that constantly disrupt your life and sleep schedule. I will gladly help you discover the best treatment for menopause, and I would like to shed more light on the healing ability of Reiki for menopausal women.

The history of Reiki, defined as “universal life energy,” is that it originated in Japan as a healing therapy and has since gained popularity around the world. How does Reiki work, you ask? A practitioner uses a therapeutic touch on various parts of the body, making patterns that balance the energy systems and stimulate the body to undergo self healing. Alternatively, second degree treatment, or distance healing, does not require physical touch. The common description of Reiki treatment is sensations of tingling and warmth as energy transfers from the practitioner to the recipient, and many patients even feel sleepy as the soothing treatment takes effect.

Reiki is known to improve a variety of health conditions, from stress to fibromyalgia, and has even become one of the highly sought-after alternative treatments for menopause because it balances hormones to improve all menopause symptoms.

Here are five surprising effects of Reiki treatment on the following menopause symptoms:

Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are sensations of intense heat that commonly occur during menopause as a result of fluctuating hormones. Reiki serves to provide an equilibrium for the hormones and get rid of hot flashes. Treatment sessions can focus on the ovaries or cleansing the liver to stabilize hormones. Because stress is one of the common causes of hot flashes, these uncomfortable sensations often respond favorably to the soothing nature of Reiki.


Women who aren’t fully at an age of menopause or who have endometriosis may still experience cramps. Reiki can be performed while cramps are occurring or in between periods of menstrual pain, and may initially affect the flow and color of discharge as toxins are eliminated from the body and cramping eases.


The arrival of menopause can bring several sleepless nights, especially if you frequently experience hot flashes during sleep. The main benefit of Reiki is relaxation, which promotes better sleep and helps to balance the hormones that cause hot flashes. Some patients even experience deep sleep during their treatment sessions.


If hormone fluctuations from menopause have resulted in migraines or worsened migraine pain, holistic healing Reiki can help reduce migraine triggers associated with menopause, such as stress and depression.


Surprisingly, anxiety tends to show up for many women during perimenopause and after menopause. While not common, some women develop anxiety and panic disorders during menopause. Reiki not only shifts the mind’s focus from anxiety, but also relaxes the muscles to release tension caused by chronic anxiety.

I invite you to contact Sage Nutrition and Healing Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at 303.503.5969 to discuss the benefits of Reiki in providing alternative therapies for menopause symptoms, and to schedule your treatment sessions.

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