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Medicine's Inevitable Future - Skip Long Lines and Awkward Waiting Rooms

As a woman approaching or currently undergoing natural transitions in your health, you need and deserve highly accessible health care. Fortunately, advances in medicine and ever-increasing understanding of women’s health have helped to transform the healthcare system, bringing about concepts such as concierge practices and telehealth services. Telemedicine is one of the more recent methods implemented to provide patients with safe and more effective medical assistance. But, what is telemedicine? It is the practice of using telecommunications technology (phone, Internet, satellites, etc.) to deliver clinical health care services remotely. Telemedicine allows you to receive prompt and reliable medical attention without waiting to see your doctor during office hours or spending hundreds of dollars on a trip to the emergency room. For example, if you have a severe sore throat or earache and do not have the means to visit the nearest specialist, your general provider can use telemedicine to connect you directly to the appropriate healthcare professional for timely treatment. Telemedicine bypasses the long lines and awkward waiting room periods that too often delay important medical treatment and dissuade patients from seeking treatment in the first place. Depending on the extent to which your doctor practices telemedicine, you may be able to an online doctor visit through live video to receive immediate care or use live video or still images to capture data for your patient records, present symptoms for a diagnosis, and receive a prescription. Telemedicine promotes superior patient outreach and patient-doctor relations by providing you with regular, quality access to your general provider, as well as a vast network of healthcare professionals. Some people question the safety of telemedicine because it negates in-person interaction with the doctors, but you can rest assured telemedicine is monitored by strict clinical practice guidelines and technical standards to ensure health professional exercise it properly. Telemedicine, along with the rules that regulate it, is designed to benefit the patient by providing her with reliable and secure medical care. Telemedicine has done more than change the approach to Western medicine, it has also opened up many new possibilities for energy healing. Practitioners who take an integrative approach to healthcare and include energy medicine are unique, but one of the benefits of telemedicine is that you can receive this highly specialized service from the comfort of your home. Whether you live in Colorado or Vermont, access to the care I provide is only a call away. . Telemedicine continues to gain popularity as society advances toward a widespread acceptance of alternative healthcare options. If you are interested in using telemedicine services to enjoy an accessible and convenient wellness and integrative program, I invite you to come visit me at my comfortable office. Call 303.503.5969 today to contact Sage Nutrition and Healing Center, where I am proud to provide telemedicine and energy healing to help you restore vitality to your mind and body.

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Sage Nutrition and Healing Center is a holistic health practice, dedicated to bringing safe, natural alternatives to conventional medicine to patients looking for ways to live overall healthier lives.


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