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Boost Your Libido the Natural (and Healthy!) Way

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A decreased sex drive can occur at any age, and there is no shortage of causes. Some women have a naturally low libido, while other women’s libidos can decrease as a result of contraceptives, illness, high blood pressure, menopause, too much alcohol, depression, anxiety, or fatigue--to name just a few.

With nearly a third of women experiencing a decreased desire for sex, according to Women’s Health, it’s no wonder several so-called remedies have sprung up on the market and the internet. Libido-boosting pills purchased over the counter or online can contain untested active ingredients that are harmful to your health, and self-proclaimed cures often cause thousands of dollars. If you frequently feel little to no desire for sex, there’s no need to search for a wonder drug or “fake it ‘til you make it.” Instead, boost your libido the natural and healthy way with these tips (for more information on improving your sex life, pick up John Gray’s book Beyond Mars and Venus):

Destress before sex. Everyday worries such as kids, work, and household projects can weigh on your mind and repress your libido. Take time to decompress using your favorite relaxation techniques, such as taking a hot bath, reading a great book, or just breathing or meditating for a few minutes.

Eat clean. High cholesterol can make sexual arousal difficult as buildup in the pelvic arteries decreases sensation in the genitals. Replacing highly processed, nutrient-deficient foods with simple fruits, vegetables, and lots of good fats and oils (since hormones are made from fat) can help you enjoy a healthier and more satisfying sex life.

Add more aphrodisiacs to your diet. It’s no secret that food can set the mood, but a growing body of research has linked certain foods to an increased desire for sex. This list includes avocados, almonds, arugula, strawberries, bananas, citrus fruits, and, yes, oysters.

Exercise regularly. Benefits of frequent exercise include more energy, less stress, positive mood, and greater self-esteem--all of which can increase your sex drive.

Consider your medications. Side effects of many medications include a decreased sex drive. Common libido-reducing drugs include blood pressure medications and antidepressants. If you suspect your medications are preventing you from becoming or remaining aroused, ask your doctor if you can switch to a medication that has fewer side effects.

Quit the Pill. Your contraceptive might be the cause of your decreased libido. If you have difficulty getting aroused, speak with your doctor about quitting or changing your birth control.

Look into lubricants. One of the leading causes of a low or nonexistent sex drive is vaginal dryness, which can lead to painful sex. If your vagina needs more moisture than it can produce, sex becomes uncomfortable, and your subconscious may equate sex with discomfort. A high-quality lubricant reduces friction and encourages a healthy, enjoyable sex life. While this may not fall under the category of “natural” remedies, lubricants are an extremely popular solution to painful sex. I often recommend natural oils such as coconut or almond as an alternative to traditional lube.

Listen to your body. A low sex drive can be a symptom of a larger medical issue. If your lessened desire for sex is accompanied by weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, or dry skin, you may have a decreased libido caused by a thyroid problem, chronic fatigue, or depression.

A decreased libido is a universal sign that your sex hormones are out of balance, but it doesn’t have to be a lifelong condition. If you are looking to boost your sex drive, contact me, your holistic women’s health doctor in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to learn more about the steps you can take to once again enjoy a healthy sex life. Give Sage Nutrition and Healing Center a call at 303.503.5969 today!

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