Medical Intuitive

A Conversation with Body and Soul

Shorten your route to wellness

The actual cause of an illness is often hidden from us. We may see and feel symptoms, but too often, modern diagnostic tools still fail to explain and treat what is truly making a patient ill.

A Medical Intuitive, or Medical Medium, is a medical practitioner whose experience and observational skills allows them to intuitively understand the true nature of a health problem.


Dr. Cordie is professionally trained and has thousands of hours of experience, but she also has a gift that cannot be taught. With this unique combined skill set of Medical Intuitive and medical doctor, Dr. Cordie can help you find the root cause of your issues and treat your whole body, not just your symptoms.

With very careful analysis and an open mind, patients can work with a Medical Intuitive practitioner on a path toward holistic healing and wellness.


How does this work?

Dr. Cordie will listen carefully, channeling your energies, in order to pick up on subtle cues, from the tone of your voice to your frame of mind, to identify the underlying causes of your dysfunction. Through these readings, she can design a detailed health program that will deliver the best possible outcome. 


Dr. Cordie combines years of training and experience in order to translate what shes learns from a patient into a holistic health program. 

How will it help me?

Mind, body, and soul are connected in ways we may never fully understand. It’s like a puzzle; sometimes it’s easy to see where the pieces fit, sometimes not, and sometimes you just get lucky.


A Medical Intuitive is able to see the whole picture and know which pieces fit where. By integrating Medical Intuitive into your holistic health program, Dr Cordie will be able to call upon yet another unique practice area to bring you whole health and nutrition, based on what your body really needs.

Do I Need This?

Incorporating Medical Intuitive into your health program

When we don’t feel well, there’s usually a reason why. Sometimes, traditional medicine and diagnostic tools can lead us to the underlying cause, but too often they just treat the symptoms.

We are so much more than just blood, bone, or muscle. Natural healing techniques improve the connections between mind, body, and spirit, but sometimes it’s a process of trial and error.


While working with a Medical Intuitive does not mean we can provide you the answers to all your problems, it does mean we can get better, more complete, understanding of what may or may not work best for your individual health and nutrition program, which will bring you whole health sooner.

Just as each individual is unique, so too is their optimal health program. When a patient will clearly benefit from including the practices of Medical Intuitive, Dr. Cordie will explain how this relates to the other aspects of their health and the specific ways that Medical Intuitive will compliment the rest of the program.

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