Energy Medicine

Restore and Reset Vital Pathways

Alignment and balance for optimal healing

Energy Medicine optimizes and tunes the body’s natural energy for health and wellbeing. It often includes both ancient techniques, such as acupuncture and yoga, as well as more modern techniques, which can involve gemstones or lasers.

Energy Balance Monmouth County, NJEnergy Medicine can also be applied remotely as another facet of a patient’s individualized health and nutrition program.

In a very real way, your energy fields connect your body and soul, so many patients report that restoring alignment and balance to these fields is a spiritual experience.

While conventional practitioners focus on the physical organs and tissues, Energy Medicine focuses on the pathways between them. These pathways control the growth and repair of those same organs and tissues, helping heal you from the inside out.

When is this necessary?

An energy imbalance in the body can manifest itself in a variety of ways, which often make you feel unhealthy. Many patients can benefit from an energy reading and incorporating Energy Medicine into their health improvement program, especially where conventional treatments have failed.

Energy Medicine is just one part of a comprehensive plan, tailored to your unique needs. This will usually also include nutrition testing and guidelines, supplements, as well as lifestyle changes.

How will it help me?

Holistic Healing Central New JerseyEver have one of those days when you wake up feeling positive and energized, but for no particular reason? Imagine feeling like that more often than not. Restoring healthy patterns and flow in those pathways is the fastest and gentlest way to get there.

Virtually every system in the body, from biochemical reactions in the cells, to the release of hormones, plays a role in how you feel. Balancing and restoring the connections between those systems can help you feel better, think better, and improve your mood.

Integrative, Holistic Healing

Energy Medicine and What to Expect

During our initial consultation, Dr. Cordie will gain insight about you, your health, possible underlying factors, and your receptiveness to alternative medicine practices, by continuously reading and understanding your energy.

We’ll continuously use those insights and energies to develop a highly tailored treatment plan, then to maintain it over time.

If Energy Medicine is recommended as part of your wellness program, we will carefully explain which of your energy fields are blocked, impaired, or out of balance, and how that imbalance relates to your current symptoms.

Many patients who come to us, lost after not finding help through traditional routes, are open and willing to incorporate several alternative practices into their program. As a Medical Intuitive, Dr. Cordie also often calls on these added skills to gain a better understanding of what to include in your specific case to restore proper function and encourage healing.