Natural infertility Treatments

Did you know an infertility cure is often possible?

Can you envision your future family?
Have you named your unborn children already?

The prospect of starting a family is exciting and wonderful! 

Unfortunately, thousands of couples struggle with conception due to infertility problems, and the thought of never having children can be devastating. As the clock continues to tick, many couples begin to wonder if they will ever find successful fertility remedies. 

I am pleased to announce that, for many couples, parenthood is possible!
You can conceive and enjoy a healthy pregnancy.

Over the past 15 years, I have provided holistic help for thousands of patients, and now I want to help you improve your fertility.

As a holistic wellness and certified functional medicine practitioner, I work with patients to improve their overall health, which includes stabilizing their hormones. This can help women and men increase fertility and become parents!

Give us a call today to schedule your FREE personal consultation and embark on your journey to natural fertility!


There Are Many Reasons for Infertility

Usually, the main culprit of infertility is an unhealthy body.

As environmental toxins and processed food become staples of society, our bodies ingest more toxins and lose out on necessary vitamins and minerals.

Over time, this can suppress our bodies’ natural, healthy functions.

An unhealthy body has difficulty maintaining proper hormone levels. For women, this can lead to a difficulty to conceive or sustain pregnancy, while men may experience reduced sperm count or low sperm mobility.

If not addressed, these hormonal concerns can become a barrier to conception or prevent a pregnancy from reaching full term.

Natural Female Infertility Treatment

As a woman, nothing is more natural than the desire to conceive and birth a child. If, like many women, you worry that childbirth is no longer an option, I invite you to learn more about natural remedies for infertility.

While in vitro fertilization may seem like the only option for women experiencing unexplained infertility, it can often be uncomfortable and extremely pricey. To ensure any treatments you are undergoing have the best possible chance of success, I can help you restore your body to a natural and healthy state.

Often, reasons for infertility in women involve unbalanced bodily functions. For example, too much or too little estrogen can block conception, while a lack or excess of progesterone may lead to miscarriage.

If you, or your loved one, are trying to get pregnant,

it is important to first improve the overall health of your body.

it is important to first improve the overall health of your body.

Supplying the body with the nutrients it lacks can increase fertility naturally, helping you to not only conceive, but safely sustain your pregnancy. Depending on your personal hormone needs, treatment may involve nutrition counseling, fertility vitamins, or restoring your mineral levels. These services can be performed alone or alongside your IVF treatment.

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To learn more about your body’s health needs and how holistic treatment can improve your likelihood of pregnancy.


Natural Male Infertility Treatment

In order for a man to participate in successful conception, he must be able to produce healthy amounts of semen and spermatozoids. Men who struggle to maintain proper levels of testosterone, luteinizing hormone, or follicle-stimulating hormone can experience male infertility, also known as male factor.

Natural infertility treatments can benefit men and women alike! If you and your male partner are experiencing fertility issues, it is important for your partner to practice cleansing techniques that stabilize his fertility hormones. This can include taking fertility supplements for men, improving mineral levels, and receiving nutritional counseling.

Dealing with causes of infertility can be scary and stressful,

but it does not have to be.

Every couple deserves the right to become parents, and I look forward to helping you take the right fertility treatment steps. Schedule your consultation today and embark on your journey to natural fertility!

*Please note that due to the complexity of our biological functions, conception and full-term pregnancy may not be possible for every couple.

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