Sexual Wellness Treatments for Men and Women

Sexual health is an important part of a person’s overall physical and emotional well-being. However, there may be instances where sexual dysfunction impedes upon daily routines, interferes with relationships, or even prevents you from enjoying everyday life. In these circumstances, ... Read More

What is Functional Medicine?

Traditionally, our medical system focuses on a specific disease or illness. Functional medicine offers an alternative medical model using natural methods to treat the underlying or root cause as opposed to a subset of symptoms. Dr. Cordie works together with ... Read More

Chronic Fatigue – Why Am I So Tired

If you’re tired all the time, it could be chronic fatigue syndrome. If you can barely remember the last time you felt energized all day and ready to tackle whatever came your way, a health condition might be causing your ... Read More

How Holistic Healthcare Will Help You Reach Whole Body Health

Our goal is to help you reach a new state of whole-body health, not just manage to cope with the symptoms you’re struggling with. We offer effective, all-natural, non-invasive, and affordable solutions to address the core causes of dysfunction and ... Read More

Non-Invasive Hair Restoration

Whether due to age, or an underlying condition, hair loss can be frustrating and distressing to anyone who suffers from it. Many individuals resort to experimenting with creams and serums, investing in highly invasive hair plugs, or ingesting questionable medications ... Read More