Are You Getting What Your Body Needs? Our Nutritional Response Testing Will Let You Know!

For most of us, our daily responsibilities result in a chaotic whirlwind of trying to juggle everything on our plates. Trying to balance work and family life alone can seem challenging on days, let alone trying to manage a healthy eating.

Constantly going full throttle can leave many people feeling drained or lethargic or just not in their most optimal health. If you are one of the millions of Americans who just doesn’t feel like they are operating at full capacity but not really sure how to correct it, Nutritional Response Testing is a safe and non-invasive way to analyze what your body is lacking in nutrients that it needs to run at optimum levels.

Nutritional Response Testing is not a household topic, in fact, many people have never heard of it. Although the testing is scientific, it is likely very different from anything you are used to, especially in the medical field. In traditional medicine there are two common elements, diagnosis and treatment. With Nutrition Response, neither of these methods apply, however, it is also operated based on two factors, analysis and personalized health improvement.

For analysis, different areas on the surface are analyzed as to how they relate to the flow of energy and state of health of every organ and function. The information is collected from the part of the nervous system that is responsible for regulating ideal functionality.

Each area is linked to a specific organ, tissue, or function and will have a certain response that is indicative of what the body needs for that area to operate properly. There are no electrodes connected for this testing. In contrast, the practitioner who is performing the test will use one hand to connect to the area while the other hand will evaluate how the muscles on your extended arm respond.

If the area that is contacted is what is known as “active” the nervous system will respond with a weakening of the arm, this drop means there is an underlying dysfunction. For personalized health improvement specific testing for nutritional formulas are performed on any areas that showed a drop in the analysis. This determines which nutrients and supplements are needed to bring strength back in those areas. Once these are identified, a program will be designed specific to your unique needs.

Analysis helps to determine what you need in your diet to return to a more balanced state. Supplements are designed to provide a high concentration of therapeutic formula to fill the void in your current diet. Each program is unique and designed specifically to cater to you on an individual level and no two programs are the same.