Acoustic Wave Therapy

Acoustic sound wave therapy is a natural, non-invasive treatment that administers pulses of sound waves using a specialized handheld device. This unique therapy is used to target specific conditions, such as sexual dysfunction in both males and females, as well as peripheral neuropathy and other painful conditions.

These shockwaves are able to travel through the skin, directly to the site of the injured or painful tissue, promoting healing and providing pain relief. The benefits of acoustic sound wave therapy are available to patients who are looking for pain relief and natural healing without having to undergo risky surgery or use prescription drugs to mask the pain.

Shockwave Therapy Ocean County, NJThis treatment can also be used in treating certain conditions, including improving the appearance of stretch marks and reducing the appearance of cellulite, relieving joint pain, scar tissue, neck pain, and more. The small shockwaves go into the injured tissue to promote an increase in the production of collagen, help improve blood flow and restore connective tissue.

Acoustic sound wave therapy is sometimes called medical wave therapy, acoustic wave therapy, or shockwave therapy, and all these terms refer to this same treatment.

Acoustic Wave Therapy for Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is often caused by nerve damage, where cells and tissue are unhealthy or damaged. Since the brain uses the nerves as communication channels to send its “orders” through to the cells of the body, those messages are unable to travel through the nerves as they should be doing, and many related problems can arise. Most commonly, patients with peripheral neuropathy struggle from tingling or other painful symptoms in their extremities.

By increasing blood flow to the affected nerves, healing is encouraged, and patients may once again experience healthy, renewed nerve channels and be able to lead a more normal, pain-free life. Find out if acoustic wave therapy may be able to help your neuropathy by reaching out to our team.

Acoustic Sound Wave Therapy Ocean County, NJ

How ASW Helps with Sexual Wellness

Many men and women who suffer from sexual disorders are candidates for ASW.

Acoustic sound wave therapy for ED is a newer treatment option and can be a great option for those who wish to avoid medications, implant surgeries, or other invasive treatments. By using sound waves to treat the area, the growth of new blood vessels can be stimulated, allowing for increased blood flow, which is key to a healthy erection.

For women who have been experiencing bladder/urgency incontinence, vaginal dryness and thinning or orgasmic dysfunction, acoustic sound wave therapy may be able to help. Most patients experience only slight or minimal discomfort during this non-invasive treatment, it has a high success rate, and there are little to no side effects or downtime involved.

If you’re wondering if acoustic sound wave therapy might help your sexual health, reach out to Sage Nutrition to schedule your complimentary consultation today.