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Holistic and natural health care alternatives for the whole family.

Holistic Nutrition and Healing

Alternative approaches to heal the whole body

Dr. Tasmin Cordie incorporates the most advanced training in natural health care with energy medicine practices to help the whole patient heal. Her unique approach combines these practices with sophisticated lab testing and an intuitive sense of what her patient needs, to form a complete diagnosis and treatment plan to heal clients naturally.


Sage Nutrition and Healing Center provides effective, non-invasive, and affordable solutions to help handle symptoms, by addressing the foundational cause of disease and dysfunction.


Through personalized dietary intervention, nutritional supplementation, lifestyle modifications, and energy medicine, patients find hope, re-establish balance, and revitalize their health, wellness, and vitality.

Meet Tasmin Cordie, D.C.

Born and raised in central Minnesota, Dr. Tasmin Cordie is a graduate of Logan University in Chesterfield, Missouri, and has been practicing as a Doctor of Chiropractic since 2002. While in chiropractic school, Dr. Cordie also began studying Applied Kinesiology, Acupuncture, and Active Release Techniques™.


After graduating, Dr. Cordie did a chiropractic internship in Louisville, Kentucky, and then opened her chiropractic practice in Erie, Pennsylvania.


In 2008, she graduated from the Advanced Clinical Training program in Nutrition Response Testing and has used this system of analysis for her nutritional therapy patients with great results since then.

Holistic Health Care Expert


In 2011, Dr. Cordie opened a functional medicine and nutrition practice in Boulder, Colorado. The practice transitioned to telehealth care when Dr. Cordie moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in September 2016. She now lives in New Jersey and continues to care for patients locally and remotely.


While this practice handles health concerns of all kinds with Functional Nutrition, Dr. Cordie’s strength in patient care centers around using her intuitive skills to create holistic care plans that include advanced functional medicine testing, food sensitivity and nutrient testing, and biofeedback. 

Why Dr. Cordie and Sage Nutrition and Healing Center?

Reiki Certification, level 2 2018

American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, board certification 2016

Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, 2014

Nutrition Response Testing, advanced clinical training 2009

Active State Licenses New Jersey, Colorado

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