Holistic Health Care


Functional Nutrition

Functional Nutrition

We use Designed Clinical Nutrition, so the body can regain the ability to heal itself.

Whole Body Health

All the parts of your body function together. Your natural health care should too.


Any time. Anywhere. You can benefit from our clinical expertise.

Proven Experience

18 years of professional and clinical experience is reflected in all we do.

Effective, non-invasive, affordable solutions in

Holistic Health Care and Functional Nutrition

Sage Nutrition & Healing Center is a natural health clinic serving local and regional individuals who seek a holistic approach and solutions to their health problems.


Bringing the most advanced training in natural health care together with energy medicine practices, we strive to improve the overall health of our patients and to help the whole patient heal.

Holistic Health Alternatives

At your fingertips.

Dr. Tasmin Cordie provides clients holistic, safe, effective alternatives to traditional health practices, through the use of natural health care, energy medicine and nutritional therapy. Offering convenient telemedicine, as well as in-person appointments, patients at Sage Nutrition and Health Center receive the best holistic health care, tailored to their body and to their individual needs, to improve their health as a whole.

It is possible to restore your health.

We understand that every part of the body works together, and it is far more effective to treat your body naturally, as a whole, than to use drugs or surgery to remove an offending symptom or organ, as is most commonly done in conventional medicine practices.

Implementing our clinically-tested methods, and following our guidance, you can restore balance and wellness to your body.
This is a natural health clinic. My practice serves individuals seeking a holistic approach and solution for their health problems. We provide safe and natural health care for the entire family.



Doctor Tasmin Cordie, weight loss in New Jersey

Natural Approach to Wellness

Following the proper, customized, nutrition and diet supplementation recommendations will leave you functioning and feeling better overall,  and it will also aid in healing your whole body.

Nutrition Response Testing

A careful analysis of the body’s reflexes helps determine the exact supplemental nutrients needed in your diet. We then create a natural health improvement program, using Designed Clinical Nutrition, which helps improve health.